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Are Thyroid Cancer Screenings Putting Patients at Risk of Misdiagnosis?

Could thyroid cancer screenings be doing more harm than good? NPR reported on a story involving the results of a US Preventative Services Task Force investigation that concluded just that. According to the NPR report, none of the major medical organizations recommend thyroid cancer screenings. In addition, in a US Preventative Services Task Force report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, they recommended people do not undergo…
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Is a New Tool Behind an Increase in Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosis?

The US is one of several countries where thyroid cancer misdiagnosis appears to be on the rise, according to data collected in a recent study. Reportedly, the Aviano National Cancer Institute (ANCI) and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) combined forces to conduct the study. The findings were revealed in The New England Journal of Medicine. What Do Researchers Believe Is Behind the Spike in Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosis? The…
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