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Why Proposed Medical Malpractice Law Is an Attack on Victims’ Rights

A report in The New York Times laid out the reasons why a bill drafted by House Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) could change medical malpractice law. Reportedly, the proposed Obamacare replacement would make it much more difficult for patients and their families to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for negligence. How Would This New Health Care Bill Change Medical Malpractice Law? The new…
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Recall Alert: Are St. Jude Medical Heart Devices Dangerous?

According to Reuters, a recall has been issued for St. Jude Medical heart devices manufactured prior to May 23, 2015 due to problems with their batteries. Reportedly, the recall was issued after two people died as a result of the issue with the heart devices. How Are St. Jude Medical Heart Devices Hurting Patients? St. Jude’s heart devices are also known as CRT-Ds and ICDs. They are designed to deliver…
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