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How to Replace Your Galaxy Note 7 with a Phone That Won’t Explode

As you may no doubt have heard by now, especially if you own a Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy phones have been exploding due to a product defect. The Galaxy smartphones have a defect involving their batteries that can cause them to overheat, catch fire and explode while they’re charging or if they’re used heavily. Many airlines have even had to put out travel advisories instructing Galaxy Note 7 owners to…
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Recall Alert: Is Your Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Broken Too?

Just as it appeared that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall was working, new issues involving the phone have surfaced. According to The Wall Street Journal, customers who have received replacement Galaxy Note 7s are complaining that the smartphones are defective. Unlike the issue that led to the initial recall, this new defect does not reportedly cause the phones to catch fire and/or explode. However, there is still a problem with…
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