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What Does the Latest Toyota Recall Mean for Prius Drivers?

Toyota has announced another recall for defective auto parts. The Japanese automaker has issued multiple recalls over the past few months. First, several hundred thousand Toyota vehicles were added to the infamous Takata recall. Then in February, a class action suit was filed against the company for crashes caused by Prius models stalling at high speeds. Now, the manufacturer is launching two more recalls just days apart. The subject of…
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Can the CFPB’s Rule on Arbitration Agreements Be Saved?

Last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a new rule that would have prevented financial institutions from using forced arbitration clauses to block consumers from filing class-action lawsuits. Forced arbitration clauses, which are often hidden within lengthy and complicated financial services contracts, keep consumers from filing class-action lawsuits when they have been defrauded by these businesses. Consumers can file individual lawsuits against financial services providers, but the amount…
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