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How Could Cerebral Palsy Affect My Child?

If you read last week’s blog, then you know that cerebral palsy refers to a group of neurological disorders that may be caused by a brain injury or malformation while the brain is still developing. You would also know that medical mistakes before, during and shortly after birth can lead to the development of this disorder. Cerebral palsy is a condition with considerable variation. The types of symptoms and severity…
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How Can Parents Tell If a Hospital Is Properly Monitoring a Baby During Labor?

How could a hospital fail to properly monitor a baby during labor? Our law firm secured a $4.5 million settlement for the family of a newborn baby that suffered severe and permanent neurological injuries as the result of nurses failing to notice and react as soon as necessary to fetal heart rate abnormalities. We proved that the nursing staff decided to wait to notify the doctor about the abnormalities in the…
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