Sumo Wrestling Game Leaves Girl With Brain Damage

The saddest part of those accidents that leave Philadelphia residents with brain injuries is the lasting effect that such injuries can have on victims lives. Some may never recover the cognitive functions or skills that they had prior to their actions, impacting their potential to support themselves and their families in the future. Those who feel that such accidents can easily be avoided often don’t appreciate just how easily they can occur. Often, even the most innocent of activities can result in potentially catastrophic accidents.

A Florida family certainly wasn’t anticipating that their daughter would be left with brain damage after participating in a school activity. Yet that’s just what happened when the girl donned an inflatable sumo wrestling suit that was used in game during her school’s activity day. According to a lawsuit filed by her family, the girl hit her head repeatedly on the ground during the sumo wrestling game in which participants are encouraged to push their opponents off of a mat. The girl complained of head pain and blurred vision after playing and was sent back to class. She later had to be taken to the hospital where the extent of the injury was discovered. In their lawsuit, the family accuses both the school and the party company that supplied the sumo wrestling game for not providing adequate protection to participants and not having trained staff on hand at the time of the accident.

For many of those that suffer a traumatic brain injury, the compensation that comes from a lawsuit similar to the one filed by this family is the only way that they’ll be able to afford the long-term care required to deal with the effects of their injuries. Those needing such compensation may want to seek the services of a personal injury attorney.

Source: NBC 6, “South Florida Family Blames Inflatable Sumo Suit for Girl’s Brain Injury,” July 22, 2014

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