Summer roads are fatal for teen drivers and passengers

The idea of summer brings to mind images of hair blowing in the wind created by a convertible’s speed, late nights at the bonfire and never-ending barbecues with friends and family.

Based on a recent report compiled by AAA, however, it sounds like summer should also bring to mind images of fatal car accidents and young lives lost. School is out and teens are living up their youth in the way that most of us did at their age. But living it up can quickly turn into a deadly accident.

According to research, more than 7,000 teen drivers and passengers died in auto accidents during the summers between 2005 and 2009. The monthly rate of accident-related teen deaths increases significantly during the summer months, not only throughout Pennsylvania but nationwide.

Safety advocates, therefore, urge parents not to think about summer as an education-free time for teens. Sure, they might be out of school, but the lessons that parents teach teens about traffic safety certainly have a place during summer months.

Allstate reportedly polled Pennsylvania subjects recently to gauge attitudes regarding teen driving laws and their impact on traffic safety. An impressive 58 percent of the subjects believe that teen driving laws in the state need to be made stricter.

Such safety changes would include laws that further limit the number of teen passengers allowed to ride in a car with a teen driver, more required driver’s training for teens, harsher laws on driving and cell phone use and more. Currently, the Pennsylvania Senate is considering a bill related to these traffic safety issues.

We will post an update when there are developments with the proposed legislation.


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