State officials aim to stop reckless driving around school buses

The weather is getting cooler and the smell of back-to-school is in the air. If your kids haven’t already, they are about to pull their backpacks out again and head off to school. For many families, that means kids will be getting to and from their schools in a school bus.

With the precious cargo that school buses carry, one would assume that drivers use extra caution while driving near school buses. However, most of us realize that not everyone makes the best decisions on the roads. But Pennsylvania authorities plan to be vigilant this year about preventing reckless driving around school buses in order to protect kids from getting hurt in car accidents when they are boarding or getting off of their buses.

The traffic laws in Pennsylvania regarding stopping around school buses are the following, according to state police:

As you can see, the laws are pretty simple, but the punishments for violating them are quite serious. If you consider what could happen if a driver violates the stopping laws, however, maybe the punishments aren’t quite severe enough. It can take a mere second for a child to run out of a bus and get hit by a car.


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