Spectacular Car Crash in Philadelphia Injures 2 Women, 1 Pregnant

Driving can be dangerous. Even if you are extremely cautious and obey traffic laws, there are others on the road who may not be so diligent; drivers whose negligence can cause a car accident in Philadelphia. Damaged cars can be replaced or repaired. Unfortunately, the same is not true of people. Even seemingly minor injuries can cause excessive pain and suffering that can’t be mitigated. Catastrophic injuries can be both physically and financially devastating.

A pregnant woman and another woman were injured in a car accident when a pickup truck sped through an intersection and hit the front of their car. The impact of the accident sent the truck airborne, where it lost a tire in mid-air. The tire hit a third car, but the driver of that car was uninjured. The man in the truck had been shot several times and was on his way to the hospital; he is in critical condition. While it appears that the injuries sustained by the women were minor, the pregnant woman did receive injuries to her neck and head. The accident is still under investigation, but according to eyewitness accounts the reckless driving of the truck driver was in fact the cause. He may be held liable for the injuries of the other car accident victims.

If you have been injured in a car crash as a result of a negligent driver, you may want to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies have a team of experts on their side; it is usually to your advantage to have one as well. You may be entitled to additional compensation depending on the nature of the accident and your injuries.

Source: NBC10 Philadelphia, “Shooting Victim Crashes Car While Driving to Hospital: Police,” Danielle Johnson, June 3, 2013.