Six Children Hospitalized After North East School Bus Rollover

Six children were hospitalized after a school bus rolled over on Tuesday afternoon. The school bus rollover occurred around 4:30 pm in North East, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Fifteen children occupied the school bus when the rollover accident took place. The driver sustained no personal injuries, but six of the children were brought to a local hospital for treatment.

A rollover crash alone is a scary event, and it usually means personal injuries or even fatalities for the car’s occupants. When a school bus, containing numerous passengers, rolls over, the consequences could be even more catastrophic due to the vehicle’s size and girth.

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2 Responses to Six Children Hospitalized After North East School Bus Rollover

  1. Edwina hall Edwina hall says:

    My daughter was on the bus when it rolled over in north east pa. She suffered a concussion and serverly bruised left leg. Is there anything i can do.

    • Stewart Eisenberg Stewart Eisenberg says:

      Hi Edwina,
      Please call my office at 215-774-3230. You can ask for Alex or Linda and we can take care of you from there.
      Thank you so much,
      Stewart Eisenberg

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