Shopping for a Used Car? This Investigation Will Shock You!

deployed airbags after a hit and run accidentInformation about a frightening trend involving used cars with auto recalls recently came to light. According to KPRC-TV, after a woman’s 2011 Honda Pilot was recalled for defective airbags and she was told the parts to repair the vehicle were unavailable, she traded it in. Due to the airbag defect, Honda recommended that no one ride in the front passenger seat of unrepaired Pilots. However, within days of selling her defective Honda Pilot, the woman found the car was back on sale. In addition, the Pilot’s Carfax report listed the vehicle as having “no open recalls.”

Why Are Some Recalled Used Cars Not Being Repaired Before Resell?

After noticing the incorrect Carfax report, the woman emailed the used car dealership about correcting it. However, the car dealer failed to respond, so the woman alerted KPRC-TV. The television station sent an intern wearing a hidden camera to the dealership posing as a customer interested in buying the Pilot. When the intern asked about the vehicle having any problems with airbags or having ever been recalled, the dealer replied no to both questions. The intern eventually talked to the owner of the dealership about the vehicle. At that point, the intern brought up that information about the airbag recall on the Honda Pilot was available on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website. The owner said that he’d never heard of the NHTSA and only relied on Carfax.

KPRC-TV looked into the issue with Carfax and auto recalls. After looking up several vehicles with auto recalls, the TV station found a number of vehicles that were recalled listed as having “no open recalls” on Carfax. Unfortunately, according to the KPRC-TV report, used car dealers have not received any regulations regarding selling recalled vehicles from the NHTSA. However, the NHTSA is reportedly working on changing that.

Until then, people looking to buy a used car need to check into the vehicle’s safety record and history themselves to ensure they’re not buying a defective automobile.

What do you think about used car dealers failing to tell people that recalled vehicles have not been repaired, or that the vehicles have even been recalled, before selling the vehicles? Voice your opinion about this subject on our Facebook page.


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