School Bus and Tractor-Trailer Collide in Pennsylvania Crash

The roads can be a scary place, apparently even rural ones in Pennsylvania. A community in Western Pennsylvania is probably both terrified and thankful today after an accident involving a school bus and tractor-trailer occurred yesterday afternoon.

No parents like to think that their kids are in danger when they board a school bus, but traffic safety is never a promise. It’s even scarier to think that your child’s school bus could get in a crash involving a huge commercial truck. Fortunately, none of the 20 plus children in the crash sustained critical injuries yesterday.

According to news reports, that accident happened just after 2:30 pm yesterday, with a total of 24 people in the bus, including two adults. One of those adults is in critical condition after the crash. The only person involved with the crash who was fatally injured is the truck driver.

An investigation into the accident is underway, but so far it seems that the truck veered into the oncoming lane, prompting the crash. Since the truck driver didn’t survive the crash, it might be more difficult to determine why he drove out of his lane, though some sources report that an autopsy on the driver is planned, likely to determine whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Other common causes behind truck accidents are distracted driving and driver fatigue. In this incident, if the truck driver were to blame for the accident, victims of the crash will obviously have fewer options with regards to filing personal injury lawsuits, unless the driver’s employer could have done something to prevent the accident. But in cases like this one where the reckless driver does survive the crash, suing for damages can be an effective way to encourage safer driving and also to get the money needed to cover medical costs related to the crash.


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