Research initiative aims to shed light on traumatic brain injuries

If someone breaks their arm in a car accident in Philadelphia, there is a clear understanding of the injury and how to treat it. If in that same car accident, another victim suffers from a traumatic brain injury, the story has an entirely different ending. The brain is so complex that it can be difficult to know how to understand and then treat a traumatic brain injury.

The term traumatic brain injury encompasses several symptoms of varying degrees. Some patients are able to recover to a remarkable extent, and other victims are left with a permanent and negative impact on their quality of life. If an individual in Pennsylvania suffers a traumatic brain injury from an accident caused by another negligent individual, there can be financial recourse. However, this compensation will never reverse the damage.

Researchers, doctors and congress are looking for a solution better than compensation, they are looking for treatments. The BRAIN initiative launched yesterday with backing from the White House and $100 million in funding from various entities. This initiative will work to uncover how brain cells and neural circuits communicate and support each other. This brain mapping initiative could potentially not only revolutionize the understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injuries, but also prevent and cure other difficult brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and autism.

While this funding and research is all very exciting and promising for individuals impacted under these circumstances in Pennsylvania, there is no timeline. What sort of results this initiative will yield and when these answers can be implemented in life-changing treatments remains to be seen. Accordingly, following a catastrophic accident in Pennsylvania, compensation remains the best solution that our legal system can offer to ensure that an injury victim is able to live their life to the fullest with a devastating injury.

Source: Government Security News Magazine, “DARPA tags $50 million to increase understanding of brain function,” Mark Rockwell, March 3, 2013

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