Report Finds Dangers in Same-Day Surgery Centers

Our blog explains surgical center medical mistakes.

Kaiser Health News and USA Today recently published a joint-investigation on patient safety hazards at surgery centers. These non-hospital facilities conduct routine same-day operations, such as a tonsillectomies or colonoscopies. More than 5,600 surgery centers are operating across the US.

Kaiser Health News and USA Today found that more than 260 patients have died at surgery centers since 2013. The joint-investigation uncovered the following information about surgery centers.

  • Some surgery centers lack proper equipment and training. According to the investigation, some surgery centers lacked life-saving equipment, such as defibrillators. The investigation also found that some surgery centers did not have staff who are trained to deal with certain types of medical emergencies. Some of the deceased patients may not have died if they had received care in hospitals.
  • Surgery centers may overlook high-risk health problems. The investigation found that some surgery centers treat patients with high-risk health problems. These are patients who should only receive treatment at hospitals. According to the investigation, 25 patients with high-risk conditions died within minutes or hours of leaving the surgery centers.
  • Egregious surgical errors occur at some surgery centers. Like hospitals, surgical errors also occur at surgery centers. Deaths have occurred after doctors sent patients home too early. In other cases, patients died after receiving the wrong type of medication.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Surgery Center?

Certain criteria must be met before a lawsuit against a hospital or surgery center can move forward. Compensation from a medical malpractice lawsuit could help pay for expenses associated with catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

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