How to Replace Your Galaxy Note 7 with a Phone That Won’t Explode

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As you may no doubt have heard by now, especially if you own a Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy phones have been exploding due to a product defect. The Galaxy smartphones have a defect involving their batteries that can cause them to overheat, catch fire and explode while they’re charging or if they’re used heavily. Many airlines have even had to put out travel advisories instructing Galaxy Note 7 owners to keep their phones turned off during flights. Due to how widespread and severe this problem has become, there has been a recall issued for Galaxy Note 7 phones. Any brand new Galaxy Note sold before September 15 is included in the recall. If you bought a Galaxy Note 7 after September 15 and it came in a box with a black square and/or “S” mark on its label, then it should be safe. However, if in doubt, talk to a retailer or the manufacturer to confirm it’s safe.

How Do I Trade in My Galaxy Note 7?

According to BGR, a leading consumer electronics news website, the process to trade-in your Galaxy Note 7 includes the following options:

  1. First, you must choose between contacting Galaxy’s manufacturer Samsung directly or the storefront or online retailer where you bought your phone. You can get in touch with Samsung directly regarding the recall by calling them at 1-800-SAMSUNG.
  2. After choosing whether to complete your trade-in through the manufacturer or retailer, your next choice will involve trading your Galaxy Note 7 for defect-free Note 7 or for a different type of Galaxy phone, such as a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

Whether you choose to trade your Galaxy Note for another Note 7 or for a different model Galaxy smartphone, you will receive a $25 Samsung gift card with your new phone. The gift card appears to be Samsung’s way of apologizing for almost blowing its customers up. Whether or not it will be enough get back in their good graces remains to be seen.

If you owned a Galaxy Note 7 and had to trade it in, would you choose a new Galaxy Note 7 or just start over fresh with another type of Galaxy phone? Let us know what you’d choose on Facebook.

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