Rear-end collision causes chain reaction accident that kills 3

A recent chain-reaction car accident in Pennsylvania has resulted in three deaths and a dozen injuries. All told, there were seven separate vehicles involved in the accident, which began as a rear-end collision. Two of the three deceased individuals were in the same car — a driver and a passenger — and the third deceased victim was a driver in one of the other vehicles.

Apparently, a tractor-trailer was attempting to pass a box truck that was moving slowly. During this attempted pass, the tractor-trailer struck a car from behind. This resulted in a chain reaction that involved the tractor-trailer, the box truck, the car that was rear-ended and four other vehicles. Some of the vehicles caught on fire, making the chaotic scene even more dangerous.

It took several hours for the wreckage to be cleared and the accident to be investigated. The highway was shut off to traffic during this time. The driver of the tractor-trailer likely won’t have any charges formally filed against him for a few weeks, after all necessary data has been collected and examined.

It appears as if the tractor-trailer is at-fault for this accident. However, the accident investigation will determine this for sure. Regardless, any of the victims who were injured or families of victims who died in the car accident may be able to enforce their legal rights by filing a civil claim. A successful civil claim may provide a monetary award of damages that may help the victims or families of victims deal with the financial burden that is left behind following such a terrible rear-end collision in Pennsylvania.

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