Why Proposed Medical Malpractice Law Is an Attack on Victims’ Rights

A report in The New York Times laid out the reasons why a bill drafted by House Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) could change medical malpractice law. Reportedly, the proposed Obamacare replacement would make it much more difficult for patients and their families to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for negligence.

How Would This New Health Care Bill Change Medical Malpractice Law?

The new GOP bill will make it harder for older and low-income patients to successfully recover favorable verdicts and settlements through medical malpractice, defective drug and defective medical device lawsuits. This is because the bill would place limitations on healthcare-related lawsuits involving patients who are covered by Medicaid, Medicare or private health insurance subsidized by Obamacare. The bill would limit the compensation that victims of medical negligence who are covered under these programs can recover through a civil lawsuit.

Our Law Firm Believes Victims Deserve Justice No Matter Their Financial Status

As Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer Kenneth Rothweiler explains in the video below, our firm fought to bring a hospital to justice after doctors at the facility repeatedly failed to provide a patient with necessary medical treatment, because she was on welfare.

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