Progression in Michael Jackson’s wrongful death suit

Six women and six men have been selected as the jury for Michael Jackson’s wrongful death suit, which has been brought against concert promoter AEG Live. The matter is expected to last two or three months. The issue is whether the company had dominion and control over Jackson’s negligent doctor.

Michael Jackson died just weeks before his “This Is It” debut. The tour was organized by AEG Live. The plaintiffs in the case, Jackson’s mother and surviving children, argue that company is liable for the wrongful death of the singer because the promoter managed Dr. Conrad Murray, who treated the singer in the weeks prior to his death.

A court has found that Murray’s negligent treatment of Jackson led to the star’s passing. Specifically, the doctor prescribed inadequate drugs, which lead to Jackson’s death. He has been held liable for the matter. Yet, AEG Live argues that the Jackson controlled the physician – not the company. Nevertheless, if AEG loses the suit, the company could be out billions.

When a company or person is negligent and causes the death of an innocent victim, family of the diseased may seek recovery. A wrongful death suit is one way to do this. In this case, fault has already been assigned to the negligent physician. However, here, it is possible that the promoting company regulated and managed Jackson’s doctor. Ultimately, the truth will be uncovered in upcoming litigation.

If your loved one has been the fatal victim of medical negligence or any other type of recklessness, you may benefit from speaking with a qualified personal injury law attorney. A lawyer can help assess whether you deserve compensation for your family member’s loss.

Source: CNN, “Jurors chosen to decide Michael Jackson wrongful death case,” Alan Duke, April 22, 2013

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