Product Liability Suit Alleges Energy Drink Led to Man’s Death

Companies that make items for consumer consumption may be held responsible if their product causes harm to an individual. You may often hear stories of defective drugs, but the truth is that any food product may cause a wide range of illnesses or other issues. Philadelphians who find themselves falling ill because of a product may be entitled to compensation, and one family is now testing those waters by filing suit against a popular energy drink company.

The family of a 33-year-old Brooklyn man alleges the product caused him to have a fatal heart attack. Some note that the drink only has 116 milligrams of caffeine, opposed to the 250 milligrams found in a typical 12-ounce cup of coffee. However, the attorney for the family said that caffeine is not the issue; the lawyer alleges there are other ingredients that are dangerous.

There are several conflicting studies regarding the safety of energy drinks. The Federal Drug Administration has in the past confirmed that 18 deaths and another 13,000 emergency room visits could be linked to energy drinks in general, including the one that is now subject of the $85 million lawsuit. On the other hand, a study from Kanazawa University in Japan determined the drink may actually lead to safer driving, and another study ay California State University researches found it did no harm to female sprinters.

Analysts said this suit may be the first of its kind. In it, the family notes the young man collapsed during a game of basketball. He suffered a type of heart failure during which the heart is enlarged and weakened. He had reportedly chugged a can of the energy drink before playing. The family’s attorney is working on building a strong case to demonstrate that the energy drink is a dangerous product. A good lawyer in a product liability case will gather evidence and expert witnesses to build proof of negligence and seek justice for the individual or family.

Source: Medical Daily, “Red Bull Sued: $85 Million Lawsuit Claims Energy Drink Gave Man Fatal Heart Attack,” Matthew Mientka, Oct. 28, 2013

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