Prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries in Philadelphia

There are plenty of fun and adventurous activities that can add to your summer fun in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, many people get seriously injured while enjoying the carefree lifestyle that summer encourages. Concussions, spinal cord compressions and other injuries to the head and neck can be some of the most devastating. They can result in partial or complete paralysis or other permanent disabilities.

ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation, a non-profit organization, wants young and old alike to know that many brain and spinal cord injuries are preventable. They offer the following advice:

ThinkFirst sites some sobering statistics as well. Each year, approximately 1.7 million Americans sustain a brain injury of some sort and 20,000 suffer a serious spinal cord injury. Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries are actually the leading cause of death and disability for young adults and children. Many of these injuries could be prevented if people would exercise a little more caution.

Nevertheless, certain accidents that result in brain trauma cannot be prevented; the negligence of others is sometimes to blame. The failure of a driver to yield to a bicyclist, a boater who doesn’t follow the laws of the water or insufficient warning signs in a public pool can all be considered negligent. Those who have been injured as a result may want to have their case evaluated by an experienced attorney. They may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering, long-term care, lost wages or other damages.

Source: Chicago Tribune News, “Organization tries to prevent brain, spine injuries,” Gary Gibula, July 10, 2013

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