Dangerous Highway Guardrails

defective guardrailsdefective guardrails

Highway guardrails are designed to keep drivers safe in the event of a car accident. Unfortunately many of these highway guardrails are now defective. Thus, they have the potential to harm in the event of a collision.  Trinity Industries Inc., a popular guardrail end cap manufacturer, made a minor design change. This change is causing catastrophic injuries and deaths across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the United States.

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Purpose Of Guardrails

Highway guardrails are safety measures that prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway in the event of a crash. When struck by a vehicle, guardrails can limit the force that strikes the vehicle and protect the driver and occupants from serious harm. A design change by the most popular manufacturer of guardrail endcaps has changed the way the guardrail responds to a collision. Rather than diverting the guardrail away from the vehicle the design change can force the guardrail through the vehicle causing serious harm to those inside.

The Design Change

Since the early 1990s, Trinity Industries Inc. had designed a guardrail endcap that forced the guardrail through the endcap and away from the vehicle in the event of a collision. In 2005, Trinity Industries Inc. changed the design of their highway guardrail endcap by one inch. While it might not seem like much, the new design radically changed the way the guardrail behaved in an accident. The new endcap does not deflect the guardrail away from the vehicle but instead allows the guardrail to penetrate the vehicle acting like a spear causing harm to those inside. Highway safety officials have not approved or tested the new design. Recent safety tests have shown the guardrail to be defective. A court in Texas found Trinity guilty of deliberately withholding the information from the design change from the United States Government and defrauding the Government out of $175 million.

Injuries From A Defective Highway Guardrail

Drivers and occupants from multiple states have reported serious and catastrophic injuries from defective highway guardrails. Reported accidents have shown the driver or occupant impaled by the defective guardrail causing amputation, permanent injuries or in some cases death.

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