Crib and Playpen Injuries

crib playpen injuries

One of the leading causes of infant injury and wrongful death is product defects in child cribs and playpens. There are a variety of common defects in the design and construction which can cause harm to children. Drop-side cribs are particularly hazardous, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which effectively banned this design in 2011. However, despite federal regulations, many crib manufacturers continue to market defective products. Additionally, despite crib recalls and warnings, many old cribs remain in use today, posing serious risks to infants and children.

Children, especially infants, are vulnerable to many dangers that do not affect adults. For this reason, companies that manufacture items for the youngest of children must take extra care to ensure that their products are safe. When these companies neglect safety standards and tests, life-altering child injuries or even wrongful death may result. Victims and their families may be able to collect compensation from the company responsible for the harmful defects through a product liability lawsuit. The child injury lawyers at Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. have experience representing families after tragic accidents involving defective products such as cribs. We can investigate your child’s injuries and help you hold negligent manufacturers accountable for their actions.

What are the Most Common Product Defects Affecting Cribs and Playpens?

Improperly designed cribs and playpens can pose a serious risk to infants and small children. Significant design and manufacturing defects can include:

  • Improperly spaced slats. Infants and small children can easily become stuck between slats and other openings. This can cause injury and death through asphyxiation. Generally, any opening wider than two finger-widths is too large to prevent this kind of injury.
  • Corner posts and other sharp objects. Sharp points can cause lacerations, and can also catch clothing, as can corner posts. Caught clothing or blankets can lead to serious injury through entanglement. Any kind of design that can potentially cause clothing to become entangled can result in strangulation injuries and death.
  • Improper mattress design. Several of the most recent crib recalls concern product defects in the design of the mattress. If there is any space between the mattress and the side of the crib, then a child may roll into the aperture. Suffocation and other child injuries are common when this occurs.
  • Toxic materials. Mattresses can also contain gaseous elements, which can cause toxic harm to a child. Gases such as phosphine, arsine and stibine from the mattress may cause serious injury or death from poisoning. Additionally, substandard materials in the structure of the crib itself can also cause poisoning and other complications. Paint and wood finishes can also result in lead poisoning in the child, causing lifelong illness or death.
  • Unstable design. Instability can cause a playpen or crib to fall over or collapse onto a child. A hazard such as this can cause severe harm and permanent injury to a child. A collapse can lead to blunt force trauma injury, as well as asphyxiation from becoming trapped.

Child Hurt by a Defective Crib? Contact Our Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyers

If your child has died or been seriously injured due to defective design or construction of a crib or playpen, then you may have grounds for a product liability claim. The experienced child injury lawyers from our law firm can investigate the accident and determine whether product defects contributed to your child’s injuries or wrongful death.

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