Car Seat Defects Harm Your Child?

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Car seats are meant to keep a child from danger in a motor vehicle crash when they are too small to receive adequate protection from a seat belt. When properly designed, manufactured and labeled, a safety seat helps prevent catastrophic child injuries and wrongful death. However, if a car seat contains product defects, then it may fail during an auto accident, or even through normal usage. This commonly results in preventable car accident injuries as well as, potentially, additional harm from the seat itself.

If your child sustained serious injuries because of a defective child seat, then you may be entitled to compensation through a product liability claim. A child injury attorney from Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. can investigate your car accident and determine whether car seat defects caused or contributed to your child’s injuries. If so, we can represent you claim and help you stand up for your child’s rights even against vast, powerful corporations.

What Causes Child Seat Failure?

Sometimes, the only thing standing between a child passenger and the damaging forces of a crash is a car seat. This is why it is so important for manufacturing companies to ensure that child seats are safe and functional. When these companies neglect this duty, the result may be serious or fatal child injuries. There are many reasons why a child car seat can fail, including:

  • Manufacturing defects. Poor materials or errors during the manufacturing process can weaken a child seat, making it prone to failure. Additionally, some manufacturing defects may increase the risk of child injuries. For example, toxic or flammable materials can cause or contribute to injuries beyond the harm caused by a car crash.
  • Design defects. Even if a seat contains quality materials, a poor design can cause child seat failure. Product defects in the design of the harness, buckles or even the seat base can cause catastrophic accidents in a crash. Manufacturing companies must ensure that their child seat designs meet federal accident standards as well. However, negligent companies may fail to test car seats to ensure they can withstand the force of a wreck.
  • Labeling defects. Car seats should include clear labels stating the size, weight and age a child should be to use the seat. Failure to include these guidelines, or lack of labels warning of known risks, can result in a serious or fatal injury. Additionally, and unclear instruction manual may result in improper installation and failure during a wreck.

Any of these types of product defects may result in ejection of a child from the car seat during an accident. Sometimes, a child may also sustain injuries from the seat itself.

What Child Injuries May Result from a Defective Car Seat?

When a child car seat fails, the occupant is at risk for the following injuries:

If your child sustains any of these kinds of injuries as a result of a car seat, then you may be entitled to compensation through a product liability claim. A child injury lawyer can assist you in filing this kind of claim on behalf of your child, as well as explain your own options to recover the cost of medical bills and other expenses.

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The manufacturers of child car seats must maintain specific safety standards set by the government. When a manufacturer fails to meet federal guidelines or produces a seat that is otherwise defective, the child car seat may cause serious or fatal injuries to a child. If your child was hurt by a car seat, it is important to seek legal counsel. A child injury attorney from our law firm can guide you through the complex process of a product liability claim. We always consider all your expenses, both past and future, before filing any kind of case. In this way, we work to ensure our clients’ needs are met now, and for the years to come.

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