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Of all personal injuries, burn injuries can be the most painful and troublesome. Initially, a burn injury victim may require multiple surgeries, skin grafts and other painful and costly burn injury treatment. Burn injuries can also have lasting effects. Many burn injury victims are left with disfiguring scars, which can affect everything from your employment opportunities to your self-esteem. Additionally, you may be more prone to certain types of infection. You may be more sensitive to hot and cold weather, which could affect your lifestyle in numerous ways.

In handling a personal injury lawsuit for burn injuries, a Philadelphia burn injury lawyer from our law firm determines the full extent of your damages, not only for today but for the rest of your life. Our attorneys work with experts in burn injury recovery and other fields, who help us prepare our cases and assess the damages. We commit to helping you obtain the financial resources you need to lead a fulfilling life.

What Are the Three Types of Burn Injuries?

There are three classifications for burn injuries, which are based on the severity of the damage caused:

  • First degree burns are the most common and least serious since they involve only the topmost layer of skin.
  • Second degree burns affect the tissue under the skin. They can cause blisters and may require a skin graft, depending on the size and location.
  • Third degree burns are the most catastrophic because they cause damage to the muscle tissue, nerves and possibly even bone. Long recovery times, extensive skin grafts and permanent scarring often result from third degree burns.

Besides obvious damage to the skin, burns often affect the body in a number of ways that can lead to disability or death. Today with the advancements in medicine, many people who suffer burns, even over 90% of their body, will survive. However, those with serious burn injuries will face countless medical procedures, staggering medical bills, disability and disfigurement.

Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are classified not only by severity but also by the type of substance or condition that causes them. These types of burn injuries include:

  • Thermal burns. These injuries result from contact with a heat source, like fire or hot metal. Any accident that creates an explosion or fire can cause thermal burns. Car crashes, workplace accidents and defective products are common causes. Our lawyers handle cases involving fuel fed fires after a car wreck and burns from defective plastic gas cans that have exploded and severely burned our clients.
  • Friction burns. These burns result from the skin rubs against a surface. If you are thrown from a vehicle during a car accident, for example, you could suffer serious friction burns from the roadway.
  • Electrical burns. Any contact with a live electrical wire can cause painful burns. Depending on the amount of electricity and the duration of contact, these burns can cover some or most of the body. Electrical burns are almost always severe, because they affect not only your skin, but your internal organs as well. Our lawyers handled a case involving burns to a cable technician who was burned to death while working on cable wires. Another case involved an electrical lineman who was electrocuted and burned while working on overhead catenary wires over train tracks.
  • Chemical burns. These injuries commonly result from contact with a corrosive or abrasive chemical. However, if you inhale a harmful chemical, it can burn your nose, throat and lungs.
  • Radiation burns. Severe radiation burns are uncommon, and most often result from exposure to radioactive substances at work. However, it is possible to sustain radiation burns due to medical malpractice from incorrectly administered or overdosing cancer treatments. In addition to a physical burns, radiation exposure causes illness, including cancer, and other severe side effects.
  • Scald injuries. This kind of burn injury is the result of contact with overheated liquids or gases. Serious scald injuries often cover a large portion of the body.

Any of these kinds of burn injuries can be severe enough to cause permanent scarring and disability. Most thermal burns are minor and occur in the household. However, workplace accidents are the most common cause of nearly all other types of burn injuries.

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