Traumatic Amputation or Loss of Limb

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Traumatic amputation usually occurs at the scene of an accident or crash. Accidents involving motor vehicles, farm machinery, power tools and industrial machinery are all leading causes of traumatic amputations. Products might be poorly designed without adequate safety considerations built in or fail to operate properly, causing an amputation injury. Sometimes an injury sustained to a limb is so severe that amputation becomes necessary. The loss of a limb changes your life forever, and no amount of money or prosthesis can ever take its place.

Depending upon limbs lost, amputees may require extensive medical care, training, prosthetic limbs, psychological counseling and ongoing financial support. Our personal injury lawyers consider all of these past and future needs when they investigate an amputation case. An accident that causes an amputation injury is often complex and requires a costly, in-depth investigation. Our firm has the time, staff and resources necessary to devote to your injury case. In one construction accident case, our lawyers obtained a total settlement of over $5 million from multiple defendants for a traumatic amputation victim.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Amputation and Loss of Limb?

Almost any accident can cause injuries severe enough to necessitate an amputation after the fact. However, traumatic amputations occur when an object impacts or pinches a limb with enough force to sever it partially or completely. The most common kinds of accidents that result in amputation injuries include:

Any severe laceration sustained during car accidents or other catastrophes can cause enough damage to require an amputation. Crush injuries and burn injuries also commonly lead to amputations. However, medical advancements are slowly causing the number of these types of amputations to decrease.

Nearly half of all amputations result from trauma caused by a catastrophic accident. However, the leading cause of amputations in the U.S. is actually complications due to vascular diseases. While this kind of procedure is sometimes necessary to the overall health of a patient, if medical malpractice led to your amputation, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

How Can an Amputation Injury Affect Your Life?

Even a seemingly minor amputation, such as the loss of a fingertip or toe, can have a major impact on your life. Amputation injuries can take months to fully heal, and even then, you will have to adapt to life without a limb. There are obvious impacts of an amputation, including expenses for medical bills, physical therapy, prostheses and other needs. Additionally, a lost limb will likely affect your ability to work.

An amputation injury can also affect you in ways you perhaps had not imagined. Many people who have suffered the loss of a limb complain of “phantom pain” in the limb that is no longer attached to their body. In some cases, the additional stress put on the surviving limb can weaken it, adding to the difficulties you may face. Depending on the location of your injury, you may need assistance with day-to-day needs like personal washing and grooming.

In handling a case involving the loss of a limb, our personal injury lawyers consider all of these factors. We will carefully analyze your situation to determine the many ways this injury has impacted your life, and we will seek appropriate compensation. We have a proven record of success in obtaining results for people who have suffered serious and debilitating personal injuries.

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