Car or Van Fire Cause Your Serious Burn Injuries?

fuel system firesfuel system fires

In terms of crashworthiness, a fuel fed fire refers to a car fire that is intensified by fuel leaking from the gas tank of a vehicle. While some fires like this can occur in a stationary vehicle as a result of wear and tear or design defects, most happen after car accidents. A car that sustains a significant impact may have the structural integrity of its fuel system damaged, resulting in an uncontrollable fire or explosion. For this reason, automakers must follow certain safety guidelines in the design and manufacture of fuel systems in order to reduce the risk of deadly car fires. When companies neglect these safety standards, serious car fire injuries may result.

Fuel fed fires can cause catastrophic burn injuries which may result in extensive scarring, permanent disability and/or wrongful death. However, an auto defect lawyer from Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., can assist you in holding the negligent manufacturer responsible for your medical bills and other damages. We have a record of success with complex car defect litigation, and will work to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your past and future expenses.

Who is Liable for the Injuries Caused by Fuel Fed Fires?

If a gas tank or any of a vehicle’s hoses, connectors, or seals is defective, fuel can spill and potentially ignite the car. As a result, industry safety and manufacturing regulations are in place to prevent these kinds of defects and weaknesses. Automakers and other companies who are negligent in their duties to protect consumers can be held liable for the damage done by defective products. Those responsible for defective fuel systems and car fires include:

The vehicle manufacturer. Automotive companies are almost always liable for injuries caused by car defects, even if

  • The vehicle manufacturer. Automotive companies are almost always liable for injuries caused by car defects, even if other defendants are involved.
  • The part manufacturer. If another company was responsible for building and/or testing the defective system, then you may be able to recover compensation from them as well.

Car companies may issue a vehicle recall after a number of incidents and/or injuries. In recent years, many prominent automakers have recalled vehicle due to fire risk. For example, Ford Motor Co. recalled several different models, including the Crown Victoria, Super Duty, Mustang and Econoline vans. Other prominent automakers with recent recalls of this kind include Volkswagen, including several Audi models, as well as General Motors and Toyota. However, victims of dangerous car defects can still file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit even after vehicle recalls.

Hurt in a Car Fire? Contact an Auto Defect Lawyer in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one sustained severe burn injuries after a car crash, then you may not know whether car defects are to blame. An auto defect lawyer from our Philadelphia law firm can investigate your crash. Then, we can help you get compensation for your car accident injuries. We have law offices in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but we accept product liability cases nationwide.

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