Police Officer Suffers Brain Injury in Highway Collision

Most in Philadelphia would feel fortunate to be able to survive a violent car accident. Yet surviving an accident doesn’t mean that one’s pain and suffering is over. Should an accident leave one with a traumatic brain injury, his or her life as well as those of his or her friends or family are often impacted forever. Such injuries often leave one with decreased functional capacities that require his or her family to become lifelong caregivers. Couple that requirement of time, energy, and emotion with the large amounts of medical debt that often accompany such injuries, and it’s easy to see why brain injury victims are often pressed to seek compensation.

Such is the scenario to could potentially be facing a New Jersey police officer after he was involved in a car accident along a state highway. The officer had stopped to assist a fellow officer in fixing his radio. He was still sitting inside of his patrol vehicle on the side of the road when another car slammed into his. As a result of the accident, the officer suffered a brain injury that required months of hospitalization and is expected to involve a lengthy recovery process.

The man who hit the officer’s vehicle is currently facing criminal charges for his actions. Yet such charges don’t make him immune from any legal action that the officer and his family may bring against him. Any such action in this case and in others where victims have suffered similar injuries is typically not done out of spite, but rather necessity. The compensation earned from such action may go far in helping to cover the costs of long-term care for accident victims. Those needing such compensation may find that working with a personal injury attorney bolsters their chances of getting it.

Source: NJ.com, “Teacher indicted in DWI crash that left Bergen cop with traumatic brain injury, prosecutor says,” Noah Cohen, Aug. 28, 20145

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