Pitch the Pig Ears: Popular Dog Treat Recalled for Salmonella

You probably love your dog as if he or she were one of your very own children. That’s probably why you bought your pup a pig ear. The treat will keep your pooch busy for at least a few minutes and let him know how much you care. (Most of us wouldn’t want to touch such a creepy looking treat otherwise.)

If you really care for your dog, however, you need to know this: The FDA has issued an urgent announcement that batches of Pig Ears for Pet Treats that were sold to Pennsylvania and other vendors throughout the state have been recalled. You and your pet run the risk of being injured by the product.

According to the FDA press release, the product recall has taken effect because at least one dog has already gotten sick from consuming a pig ear from Keys Manufacturing Company, Inc. Specifically, the pig ears are reportedly contaminated with Salmonella.

Both humans and dogs who come into contact with the reported Salmonella can sustain infections and suffer from various serious symptoms:

Dogs could display the following symptoms and more:

Owners could display the following symptoms and more:

The recalled pig ears in this case were shipped between the months of September and January. If you have any doubt about pig ears that you have purchased, do not hesitate to dispose of them or return them to a store for a refund.

Obviously, if you think that you and/or your dog is suffering from any of the above symptoms as a result the Salmonella contamination, contact an appropriate medical professional as soon as possible.


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