Philadelphia Street Racer Charged in Death of Passenger

Street racing is illegal. It is a deadly adrenaline that has the potential to go very wrong very fast. In many auto accidents where a victim is killed, surviving drivers are not rendered criminally reprehensible because sometimes, even though the loss of life under such circumstances is always a tragedy, an accident really is just an accident. However, a death from street racing can mean the perpetrator is facing criminal charges.

A Philadelphia 19-year-old was operating his vehicle while racing another driver over Labor Day weekend. The teen appears to have been using excessive speed when he struck a guide rail, flipped his vehicle and impacted a concrete pillar at a high velocity. The car erupted in flames and the driver and his front passenger where ejected from the vehicle.

Another passenger, also only 19 years old, in the back of the vehicle was trapped and declared dead at the scene of this racing accident. An autopsy confirmed that she was killed from severe blunt force trauma to the head and body in the wake of the high-speed impact. According to the probable cause affidavit, the car was calculated by investigators to have been traveling around 73 miles per hour at impact.

Liability is falling heavily on the shoulders of the 19-year-old Philadelphia driver. He is currently set to face trial under charges of criminal homicide, homicide by vehicle, two counts each of aggravated assault by vehicle, recklessly endangering another person, illegal racing and other misdemeanors.

In addition to carrying the guilt over playing a very significant role in the death of his passenger, this teen could be facing some serious and very life-altering consequences.

Source:, “Philly man to be charged in death of passenger in Labor day accident,” Jo Ciavaglia, Oct. 10, 2012