Philadelphia Sites Prove Deadly for Two Longshoremen This Month

When you wake up in the morning to your alarm and get ready for work, count yourself lucky if your workplace is a corporate building. Sure, various health risks exist at just about any job, but there are certainly fields wherein workers face a significantly higher risk of being injured while on the job.

According to a Philadelphia source, some of those at-risk fields are construction work, transportation work and manufacturing. Another hazardous field that’s locally prevalent is dock work. In this month alone, two longshoremen were involved in work accidents and didn’t survive their injuries.

Last Saturday, a 54-year-old longshoreman died in a fatal fall from a deck on the ship he was working on. A representative from the company the victim worked for says that the cause of the fall is currently unknown. The victim had reportedly worked in the industry for nearly a decade, meaning he should have known what he was doing and gotten through the work safely.

This isn’t the first time that this specific company has lost a worker at a Philadelphia site. In fact, sources report that this is the second fatal work accident the company has seen this month alone. On Aug. 12, another experienced longshoreman was killed while working at another Philadelphia location.

Both accidents are currently under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA heads investigations into workplace accidents in order to determine whether proper safety standards and precautions were in place at the time of an incident and whether standards need to be improved. Businesses can also be held accountable if OSHA finds that safety regulations were violated.


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