Philadelphia rehab center helps car accident victim fulfill life-long dream

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Sometimes patients become paralyzed and unable to live the life they once did. Instead of returning to work after a short recovery, they might have to undergo painful and intense therapy.

One woman in Philadelphia was left without feeling in her hands after breaking her neck in a car accident. This woman underwent therapy at a Philadelphia rehab center, and in the process was able to fulfill a life-long dream, becoming an artist. The rehab center partnered with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to display the artwork of those at the rehab center, as an alternative therapy.

People who are injured in car accidents might suffer life-altering injuries, as the woman in this case did. Her job for as an insurance professional wasn’t something she could do after the accident. Instead she was able to become a fulltime artist. Sometimes people are injured in car accidents and aren’t able to return to their normal line of work. If they aren’t able to find a profession that they can do with their disability, they may suffer severe financial hardship.

If someone is disabled in a car accident in Philadelphia, they might be wise to speak with a personal injury attorney who has experience handling car accident cases. They can help they person seek compensation for any expenses related to their injuries. This might include lost wage expenses, as well as current and future medical expenses. While money can’t undo an accident, it can help a victim live life to its fullest after an injury.

Source:, “For Artist, Painting Becomes Part Of Rehab After Car Accident,” Dec. 13, 2012

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