Philadelphia motor coach company shut down by government

Thousands of people pay to ride motor coaches in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. every year. The number of yearly bus passengers is about the same as airplane passengers. The popularity of bus use and the impact that one bus accident can have on the lives of passengers make it pertinent that safety regulations are followed within the bus industry.

Last year, according to Advocates for Highway Safety, 24 bus accidents occurred, injuring a reported 467 people and killing 34. The proven dangers within the bus industry lit a fire under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to investigate the safety among bus companies. That investigation led to the recent shutdown of three big motor coach businesses, including one that is based in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, the three businesses were served with legal papers requiring them to cease all transportation provided by their buses and drivers. The FMCSA found various safety violations among the companies that supported the aggressive decision to halt services.

Drivers were driving without sufficient rest. Drivers were driving without valid driver’s licenses. The large vehicles were not being inspected and maintained as they should have been. All of these violations and more have led to bus accidents that have cost passengers their lives or landed them in hospitals with severe injuries.

Being that the crackdown was put in place just yesterday, there is sure to be more information including challenges from the targeted companies to come. We will post an update with any new developments.

Source: Associated Press, “Gov’t cracking down on unsafe bus companies,” May 31, 2012

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