Philadelphia Man Jailed for DUI Kills Father of 11 After Release

Accidents that happen as a result of a drunk driver are not accidents at all. People who make the decision to drive after drinking knowingly endanger everyone else on the road. When innocent victims are killed due to these actions, a drunk driver must be held accountable.

Holding those responsible for causing fatal car accidents can go a long way to ensure they cannot cause the same devastation again. However, one Philadelphia man missed that message. Shortly after being charged with one DUI last Wednesday then released, a man allegedly drove drunk again. This time, he killed a father of 11 children who was biking home from work.

According to reports, the driver had been released from jail only a few hours before borrowing his mother’s car and driving under the influence again. He drove into the bike lane where he crashed into the victim who suffered head injuries before being pronounced dead at the hospital. The man who hit him suffered no injuries and was seen stumbling 2 blocks from the accident before he was arrested.

When a drunk driver repeats his or her actions with fatal results, the families of the victim may feel angry and confused. Why was this person allowed to drive again? Was the previous punishment not serious enough? What can be done to keep this person off the road?

It can be very important to address situations that may have led to a wrongful death. A number of factors may come into play in this case, considering he was released from jail a mere three hours before he was driving again.

After this latest incident, the man has been charged again with DUI, as well as homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, manslaughter and other charges.

At this point, it is not known how the victim’s family will proceed. They may be eligible to receive compensation for their significant emotional and financial loss. As previously mentioned the man who was killed was father to 11 children and worked several jobs to support his family.

Negligent, dangerous drivers must be held accountable for their actions. Although punishment of guilty parties cannot bring back lost loved ones, it can certainly go a long way to prevent future accidents as well as to establish a sense of justice.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Father of 11 Killed by DUI Driver: Cops,” Nov. 20, 2011