Philadelphia Father Sacrifices Life to Save 5-Year-Old Son

Roosevelt Boulevard has gained a reputation for being an extremely dangerous stretch of road for pedestrians in Philadelphia. This week alone, two pedestrians have been killed in hit-and-run accidents on the busy 12-lane stretch of roadway.

One of these victims, a Philadelphia father, is being rightfully hailed as a hero for saving his 5-year-old son’s life yesterday evening. Reportedly, the pair was crossing a street about two miles from their Philadelphia home, when a driver under the influence crossed their path.

The father acted quickly to push his son to safety, but in the process sacrificed his own life as he was fatally struck. The driver fled the scene of the accident but was apprehended three blocks from the scene by an off-duty police that witnessed the fatal hit-and-run.

The offending driver is now facing charges of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and other related offenses. The 5-year-old was treated for minor physical injuries. However, the trauma of witnessing the death of his father will likely be a lingering pain not readily treated.

Additionally, the offending driver could face civil proceedings. The surviving family of the father could choose to file a wrongful death claim because this driver chose to drink too much before getting behind the wheel. As a result, the father’s child has not only endured a traumatic event by anyone’s standards — much less a 5-year-old’s — he is left to grow up without a father. Accordingly, the family could be entitled to compensation for their emotional suffering.

Source: The Washington Post, “Police: Philadelphia father fatally struck in hit-and-run after pushing son, 5, to safety,” Associated Press, Aug. 30, 2012