Philadelphia Facility Could Close for Abuse-Related Violations

Gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct are words that were used by state regulators to describe the actions that took place at a suburban elder-care facility outside of Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare is the government agency responsible for investigating claims of nursing home abuse and negligence throughout the state. Earlier this month, the department was called in to investigate an incident that was captured on a hidden camera located in the elder-care facility. The camera footage suggested that several of the aides who were employed by the facility had assaulted and mocked a patient who was suffering from dementia. The department made the decision to shut down the facility after finding additional evidence that the facility failed to report numerous instances of abuse to the state or county. The owners of the facility have appealed the decision.

The results of the investigation revealed that they had found evidence of at least three reporting violations that had occurred in the month of March alone. Several of the aides that worked at the facility were recently charged with aggravated assault and other crimes against patients at the facility. Sources indicate that the victim of the latest violation allegedly made attempts to report abusive behavior to her family members. Her family informed the facility administrator that they believed that their relative was being abused and neglected. The facility supposedly dismissed their complaints. Convinced that their relative was being abused, the family members left a clock that contained a hidden video camera in the room.

The footage captured by the camera was later delivered to local authorities, and that evidence instigated the investigation that supports the revocation of the specific Pennsylvania senior living facility’s license. It goes to show how if family or friends have any suspicion that their loved one is being neglected in a nursing home or other such facility, they should not hesitate to try to find answers in order to protect their family, friends and other patients from possible nursing home abuse.


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