Philadelphia Crash Proves the Domino Effect of Carelessness

Accidents don’t just happen in a bubble. They can create a long-lasting, devastating effect on a community. A recent Philadelphia car accident leaves a family and their church community in great sadness.

On Monday afternoon, a 44-year-old mother and her 4-year-old son were walking on a sidewalk when the chaos from a nearby highway forever changed the courses of their lives. Reckless driving likely caused a car to hit the mother and boy and left the mother dead at the scene.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the young boy survived the car crash and is in stable condition. He and his brothers, however, now have to live without their mother. Their father is left without his wife. And a church is left with one less member who reportedly contributed greatly to the religious community.

This car accident is a bit different, though no less tragic than others. The driver who physically crashed into the family may have been forced by another reckless driver to do so. She stayed after the crash and was extremely emotional. Reports indicate that the driver drove over the curb and hit the two on the sidewalk because a truck had carelessly cut her off and forced her off of the road.

The matter is still under investigation, and sources do not indicate whether authorities have any clue about the identity of the supposedly reckless driver who instigated the crash. Sources report that the deceased mother had just graduated from college shortly before she lost her life. This accident took the life of a woman who seemingly had so much to offer, as a potential professional, as a mother, as a wife and as a faithful member of her church.

When officials find who was responsible for the crash, an experienced wrongful death attorney could piece together the scene in order to try to hold the driver accountable and bring some sense of closure to this needless tragedy.


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