Philadelphia councilwoman defends self from crash accusation

When we share posts about car accidents and other personal injury cases, the center of the discussion is usually about whether a named party’s actions were negligent. A current Philadelphia car accident case is a bit different. The center of the matter is whether a named party was the party driving during the crash at all.

And this isn’t just any named party. A supposed crash victim accuses a Philadelphia councilwoman of hitting her with her city-owned car. At this point, the councilwoman denies that she got into any accident at all. She argues that she did not speed away from a curb or hit the alleged crash victim.

This supposed incident came to the attention of My Fox Philly when the alleged personal injury victim contacted the news source. She remains unidentified to the public, though the councilwoman who’s being blamed for the bruises and pain that the victim allegedly has suffered indicates that she is familiar with her accuser, whom she claims “has issues.”

The councilwoman had pictures taken of her vehicle in order to support her defense against the accident allegation. In this sort of case, pictures of a vehicle that’s claimed to be part of a wreck could prove helpful for a defendant if no damage is evident. However, a car doesn’t need to have sustained damage for someone to have been injured.

As you can gather, there are lots of unanswered questions in this case. If sources report more developments, we will post an update.


My Fox Philly: “Councilwoman Disputes Accident Claim,” Nov. 18, 2011

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