Philadelphia car crash produces fatal results

Car accidents are not uncommon on the streets of Philadelphia. Yet despite the frequency of such accidents, few ever anticipate that they may be involved in one. They most likely feel as though their own driving skills will help them avoid such accidents. That confidence also typically extends to other drivers who they know and trust. Yet few often realize the lack of control they have over their own personal safety when they choose to ride as a passenger in a vehicle. Should they be involved in an accident as a passenger, the confidence that they may have held in their drivers offers them little protection from harm.

A recent car accident in Northeast Philadelphia proved to have a fatal outcome. A sedan making a turn at an intersection was struck by an oncoming van. Authorities reported that some of the accident victims were actually trapped inside one of the vehicles for a time. The driver of the sedan was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition, while his passenger died at the accident scene. The condition of the driver of the van was not reported. No word has been issued yet by authorities assigning responsibility for the collision.

Following accidents such as this one, the families of accident victims often want to know if carelessness or recklessness on the part of those driving their loved ones may have contributed to the outcome. If that’s proven to be so, those families may be left with little choice but to pursue compensation to cover the accident expenses and to assuage their own pain and suffering. An attorney with experience in such cases may prove to be of great assistance to those needing to initiate such action.

Source: “One dead, one injured in NE Philly car crash” June 05, 2014

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