Pennsylvania park not liable for child victim’s recent death

For many children, pools and summer go hand in hand. Parents have a hard time keeping a dry swimsuit around the house because their kids are going in and out of the water so often.

But swimming is not just about fun. Unfortunately, kids and water often results in serious injury or even death. One family and the Pennsylvania community are dealing with that sad fact, as a young boy recently died in a pool accident at a local amusement resort. At first, sources wondered whether this would become a wrongful death lawsuit against the park.

The boy who died in the accident was only 6 years old. He was reportedly at the Pennsylvania pool with his mom and stepfather. The exact cause of the victim’s death is still undisclosed. Some initially reported that the boy hit his head on the bottom of the pool, but they were mistaken.

After the victim was found at the bottom of the pool, lifeguards working at the facility were able to help him. The boy was revived but later didn’t survive the injuries he sustained in the water.

Could the park have prevented this accident from happening? Should it be held liable for the child’s death? According to the State Department of Health and the boy’s family, no safety violations on the park’s or its employees’ behalf contributed to the young victim’s untimely death. There were more than the legally-required amount of lifeguards working at the pool, and the water quality was safe. A premises liability case doesn’t fit the situation.

In the history of this park’s 85 years of being open, this is reportedly the first fatal drowning on record. It marks a sad date for the business but an even sadder one for the family who lost their loved one.


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