Pennsylvania nursing home residents subjected to financial abuse

Elder abuse in Philadelphia takes many forms; it is not limited to physical abuse. It can also include emotional, financial and sexual abuse along with neglect. There is no room for these types of behaviors, especially in nursing homes.

Families of residents at a nursing home in West Chester, Pennsylvania were upset to learn that their loved ones had been subjected to a type of financial abuse by a visitor to the facility. The 26-year-old woman had a grandmother and aunt who lived at the home. When the jewelry of multiple residents began to disappear the two residents actually told authorities that they suspected their granddaughter and niece was to blame.

The thefts began occurring sometime last August and included at least 10 pieces of jewelry, a majority of which were gold or diamond rings. The jewelry was stolen from females between the ages of 81 and 105 years old. Some of the pieces were even taken right off of residents’ hands. The woman would befriend residents and use lotion to make getting the rings off the women’s hands easier. She would then take the jewelry to a pawn shop in order to get money to feed her heroin addiction.

The woman was recently sentenced to four to 23 months behind bars and ordered to pay $7,450 in restitution.

The family of the victims of this elder abuse may wish to speak with an attorney about filing a civil case against this woman. In many cases, the jewelry that was stolen cannot be replaced. Many of the pieces had sentimental value, the loss of which has dealt an emotional blow to the families.

Source: Daily Local News, “Woman sentenced for thefts from nursing home residents,” Michael P. Rellahan, April 30, 2014

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