Pennsylvania Nursing Home Resident Victim of Rape

There are over three million people in the United States who currently reside in nursing homes according to Health and Human Services. When a family places their elderly loved one in a nursing home in Philadelphia, they do so with the expectation that he or she will be properly cared for and kept safe by the staff. The last thing they should have to worry about is the potential for staff victimizing their loved one and putting them in a situation that is harmful, especially one that is sexual in nature. Yet according to the National Center on Elder Abuse, around 7 percent of abuse that takes place in nursing homes are sex crimes.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for a nursing home resident in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The rape of one of the residents was reported on a recent Saturday morning at Heritage spring of West Chester and the victim was taken to the emergency room. Authorities were notified and as they investigate, the facility has taken all male caregivers and other staff off the work schedule. They also reran background checks on all employees presumably to ensure that they didn’t miss anything the first time they were ran, but they all came back clean.

The family members of the resident who was the victim in this case may wish to speak with an attorney experienced in nursing home abuse. A lawyer may be able to look over their case and advise the on the best way to proceed.

Source: WLWT, “Police investigate rape report at West Chester nursing facility,” Apr. 8, 2014

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