Pennsylvania Family Blames Park for Its Fatal Ferris Wheel

When one thinks of a Ferris wheel, danger isn’t the first thing to usually come to mind. Wind in the hair, lights on the ground and joyful oohs and ahs are more common ideas. A recent accident in New Jersey, however, proves that a Ferris wheel can be deadly.

A family from Pennsylvania is living with that sad fact, after having lost their daughter in an amusement park accident last month. We included a post about this case early last month, and now, the parents involved have officially filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the out-of-state amusement park.

On Jun. 3, an 11-year-old girl was on a school trip at a New Jersey amusement park. In the early afternoon, she boarded a Ferris wheel cart on her own and, tragically, didn’t get a chance to exit the ride safely. Before she could do that, she somehow fell from the cart and suffered fatal injuries as a result of the accident.

At the time of our previous post about this tragedy, no civil charges had yet been filed. It’s not a surprise that a wrongful death suit was filed, but it is currently undisclosed why the case was filed in Pennsylvania rather than in New Jersey, where the park is located. When we know more about that detail, we will post an update.

As for why the parents are going after the business, the suit alleges various points of possible negligence on the part of the park:

The amusement park officials stand behind their argument that all safety procedures were followed before the accident occurred and that the park standards and workers did not cause the victim’s death. We will post an update when there are further developments.


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