Pennsylvania Car Accident Kills Pregnant Woman, Baby Critical

The months of November and December are a time a year that is typically reserved for family, traditions and creating memories. Unfortunately, a tragic car accident in Pennsylvania has left one man grieving for his fiancee and wondering about his infant son’s prognosis. Police are still working to determine exactly what caused the accident.

While it remains under investigation, police believe that the accident was caused by an 88-year-old male. Reports indicate that the man may have been attempting to park his vehicle when he hit the gas instead of his brake. His vehicle apparently jumped the curb and pinned a pregnant woman against the wall of a store.

The 30-year-old pregnant woman, unfortunately, died from the injuries she suffered in the accident. However, doctors were reportedly able to deliver the baby boy by C-section, but it is uncertain whether the baby may suffer from brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation. It is unclear if the elderly man will face criminal charges.

While most families were sitting down to a table laden with turkey and stuffing, this Pennsylvania man was likely left wondering about the health of his newborn son. Additionally, he may be wondering how he will cope with his son’s medical bills and future care. Many people who have lost a loved one in a car accident or faced a serious injury have chosen to seek compensation for expenses stemming from the accident in a civil court. In many cases where negligence was proved, monetary damages were awarded to cover many of the expenses associated with the accident.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Baby of Dead Pennsylvania Pregnant Woman Remains in Critical Condition,” Nov. 28, 2014

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