Parents of Triplet Victims Sue Bus and Truck Driver After Crash

Three sisters, along with other students, were riding a school bus in February when a parent’s worst nightmare took place. Driver negligence on the part of not just one but supposedly two drivers led to a severe traffic accident.

The school bus and a dump truck met at an intersection, where alleged wrongdoing on both sides caused the bus accident that took the life of one sister from the set of triplets and severely injured the other two plus more students. Before the criminal investigation has even concluded, the parents of the triplets have filed a personal injury suit in order to try to seek justice on behalf of their children.

The one triplet died at the scene of the accident, whereas her sisters sustained serious injuries that the civil suit claims could cause permanent damage. Though the parents are fortunate that their two girls have survived, that hasn’t kept them from seeing that parties need to be held accountable for their negligence. In doing so, the plaintiffs aren’t just reacting to the February crash, but they are trying to avoid a future accident like it.

According to the lawsuit, the bus driver was partly responsible for the accident because he failed to stop properly at the intersection. He reportedly got too far into the intersection and the dump truck driver couldn’t brake in time to avoid the collision. The lawsuit alleges that the truck driver was unable to brake in time partly because his dump truck was overloaded and he wasn’t paying proper attention to the road.

There is more to this personal injury lawsuit, including further defendants (those who employed the drivers and maintained the dump truck.) The parents of the triplets aren’t holding back, and based on their claims it is easy to see why. It’s scary to think that negligence abounds in the way that it allegedly did leading up to the bus accident. We put a lot of trust in others by putting our kids onto a school bus. When that trust is betrayed, it seems only natural to take any legal step available to try to create a safer environment for them.

Source: Burlington County Times, “Parents file lawsuit alleging negligence in fatal bus accident,” David Levinsky, Daniel Camilli, April 22, 2012