Overall, 2011 meant safer roads in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently came out with its report regarding the various types of traffic fatalities that occurred in the state in 2011. While any death is regrettable, the good news is that fewer lives were lost last year than in years before.

In fact, the PennDOT report shows that 2011 comes in as the year with the second-lowest number of traffic deaths. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still room for safety improvement. The following motor vehicle accident statistics indicate the areas that improved last year but those that did not:

Areas of improvement

Areas that got worse

Based on the above numbers, improving safety involving teen drivers and trolleys and trains seems to be the most pressing need. However, the numbers under the improvement heading might be lower than in other years, but they still represent too many lives lost in traffic accidents in the state. Last year had the second-lowest number of traffic fatalities and proved to be safer than 2010, but maybe this year can be the safest year that Pennsylvania has ever seen on its roads.

It will take driver education and perhaps stricter driving laws, especially related to teen drivers, for safety to improve. But those who are victims of car accidents or who lost loved ones to crashes can also encourage safety improvements by relying on a personal injury attorney to help them seek justice following a loss.

Source: Phoenixville Patch, “PennDOT: Fewer People Killed on PA Roads in 2011,” March 22, 2012

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