Over 500,000 Chevy Camaros recalled by GM

When a product recall is issued for dangerous drugs or products in Philadelphia, the company that issues the recall often looks heroic for being willing to sacrifice profits in order to protect consumers. While their true purposes for recalling products may be a little more self-serving, such as wanting to avoid liability issues, manufacturers certainly don’t want their products injuring consumers or damaging their property. Yet if the same company finds itself needing to recall multiple product lines for similar issues, that heroic image that the public may hold could be replaced with a general sense of skepticism regarding the safety of all of their products.

GM is currently facing such a crisis after it was recently announced that they were recalling over 500,000 Chevrolet Camaros. The reason behind this recall is an issue with the ignition switch, which reportedly can cause the engine to shut off after being bumped with a knee or other object. This causes quite the safety hazard, as the engine shutting off also shuts off the mechanisms behind the power steering system and those that control airbag deployment. Ignition switch problems with the Chevy Cobalt and the Saturn Ion also caused a number of those vehicles to recently be recalled, as well. GM officials, however, insist that this particular problem is unrelated to the ignition switch issues seen with the Cobalt and Ion.

Accidents have been reported in relation to both of these most recent GM recalls. If and when a product line continues to experience these types of issues, consumer confidence in that manufacturer may quickly be lost. Yet such recalls often come too late for those affected by a dangerous product. In such cases, victims may wish to work with an attorney to seek compensation from the product’s manufacturer.

Source: Reuters “GM issues another ignition switch recall, for Chevy Camaros” Bernie Woodall, June 13, 2014

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