Is Operator Error to Blame for the Long Island Train Derailment?

Train derailed off tracksJust as 2017 kicked off, there was yet another railroad accident. This time, a Long Island Rail Road train crashed into a bumping block in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal. The Long Island train derailment happened as the locomotive was pulling into the terminal. Per a CBS New York report, after the train hit the bumping block, it did not stop. Instead, it went over the bumping block, destroying it in the process, and crashed into a room on the terminal platform reserved for employees.

The Long Island train derailment resulted in over 100 injuries. Reportedly, all the injuries were non-life-threatening. The speed limit heading into the Atlantic Terminal is 5 mph. Governor Cuomo said that the train was moving slowly as it approached the station. However, there are questions as to why the engineer did not stop the train. As of this writing, investigators were set to interview the train’s conductor, the assistant engineer and the engineer regarding what led to the crash. Other aspects that could have led to the train wreck that the NTSB will be looking into include mechanical issues with the locomotive or train track system.

What Options Do Victims and Their Families Have Following Train Accidents?

In many cases, train crash victims and the families of those killed in railroad disasters can file civil lawsuits to bring those responsible for the accident to justice financially. Eisenberg Rothweiler Winkler Eisenberg & Jeck, PC partner Fredric Eisenberg and associate Todd Schoenhaus are part of the Plaintiffs’ Management Committee (PMC) in the Amtrak Train No. 188 lawsuit. The PMC secured a $265 million settlement for the victims of the train crash, which is the largest railroad disaster settlement in US history.

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