One in Five Patients with Serious Medical Conditions Misdiagnosed?

The Washington Post recently published the results of a research study that claims 20 percent of patients with serious medical conditions are discovered to have been misdiagnosed following a second opinion.

The medical misdiagnosis numbers included in the Post article were based on patients who visited the Mayo Clinic for second opinions. Reportedly, in addition to the 20 percent of patients who discovered their primary care provider had misdiagnosed them, 12 percent found out they had been correctly diagnosed the first time and the remainder of patients were told that their initial diagnoses were only partially correct.

The Importance of Holding Hospitals and Physicians Accountable for Misdiagnosis

When a doctor or hospital fails to diagnose a serious condition correctly, it can destroy the lives of patients and their families. Medical misdiagnosis can result in victims suffering with a debilitating condition for the rest of their lives or even losing their life.

One particularly devastating type of medical mistake that can have life-altering consequences for patients and their families is cancer misdiagnosis. In the video above, medical malpractice attorney Nancy Winkler talks about how important cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits are, because they provide victims and their families with a way to fight back against the negligent medical care providers that hurt them.


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