Officials Investigating Fatal Montgomery County Hit-and-Run Crash

Late last month, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman didn’t make it home from work. Before she could get there, she was struck by a car, taken to a hospital and tragically didn’t survive her injuries.

After the car accident occurred, the driver reportedly didn’t stop to see what she hit, to help or call the police. The suspect wound up turning herself in and now faces criminal charges related to leaving the scene of the crash that caused injury or death.

According to a Philadelphia source, the 74-year-old defendant didn’t know that she had left the scene of a traffic accident when she failed to stop after the crash. In fact, she claims that she never realized that she had hit the victim until she arrived home.

She reportedly called her son to tell him that she noticed damage done to her car, after which the police were contacted and then able to connect the defendant’s car to the Montgomery County crash scene.

Reports of the accident indicate that the victim was walking on the right side of the road, in the same direction as the defendant was driving, when the pedestrian accident happened. Based on evidence thus far, sources claim that the defendant didn’t slow down before or after the collision.

For now the hit-and-run suspect is not in jail. Her driver’s license, however, is currently suspended, and she is scheduled to appear in court early next month. We will keep you posted when there are developments in the case.


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