Nursing Home Resident Stabbed With Scissors by Fellow Resident

When you make the tough decision to place your loved one in a nursing home or care facility in Philadelphia, you may have a few fears and reservations about doing so. Probably the biggest concern is whether your loved one will be treated properly by the staff and have his or her needs met in a timely and caring manner without neglect. It probably wouldn’t cross your mind to worry about how he or she is treated by other residents at the facility and whether or not they pose a threat to his or her safety.

Yet this is exactly what the family members of a resident at a nursing home in Sellersville, Pennsylvania are dealing with. Their loved one was living in the nursing home when another resident assaulted the victim with a pair of scissors. Apparently the resident picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed them into the victim’s chest. The ages of the victim and the attacker are not known, neither are the events that occurred prior to the attack or why it happened.

Although the condition of the victim has not been released, the attack was apparently bad enough to warrant a medical helicopter to transport the victim to the hospital.

The victim and the family of the victim were really let down by the staff at this nursing home. They failed to ensure the safety of their residents and should therefore be held accountable. The family would be well advised to speak with an attorney regarding their case.

Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Nursing Home Resident Stabbed With Scissors: Police,” David Chang, Oct. 1, 2013

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